On the left is a Fender Guitar that I have successfully used as an antenna for recieving and transmitting morse code on the 28Mhz band. Using a QRP rig, a home brew ATU, a short length of coax clipped onto the strings and powered from a 12v battery. I tried to work the D68C Comoros Islands expedition. Could hear them but they didn't hear me (wonder why ?) so resorted to working Roger-G0OFA and Dave-G0WWD who both live within 5 miles of me.

My next pointless project will take place sometime during the summer, when I plan to bung some RF up a 1968 Selmer Mk6 Tenor sax (very very carefully !).*** STOP PRESS!! Had a go with the sax but only managed one QSO with Les - G0NXI. Good laugh though !

Do you use a silly aerial ? If so, then please let me know ( safety in numbers and all that !) - may even put it on the page.

News Flash! Greg / M3TMH has achieved amazing results with Very Silly Aerials:
"I have even found DX with strange aerials, using an end-fed wheelchair mounted on the roof of my car (working 5/9 into Poland and 5/7 into Lithuania on 40m!) I have also used a zimmerframe, and reached Fort Brescou(?) and somewhere in Serbia, again on 40m. I was using about 7W at the time. I believe experimenting with strange aerials is a great aspect of amateur radio. I wrote about both of these experiments (with photos) on the Devon and Cornwall amateur radio forum". Greg / M3TMH. 2008.

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