Siemens Portable Field Telegraph Set. A morse code key and morse inker in a case.

Portable Field Telegraph Set. A Sounder, an Inker and a Morse Key. C 1914.

SIEMENS PORTABLE RECIEVER (INKER) SET. The Morse Inker (invented by Thomas John of Vienna in 1854) has an inked wheel driven by a clockwork motor, that moves up and down under the control of a sounder. This wheel produces dots and dashes on the paper tape. The mahogany case measures about 14" wide by 8.25" deep by 9" high (355mm by 210mm by 230mm) . This fine portable example was found in a barn near RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, England.

Here is a view of the super key with a selector switch half hidden on the left, to select either Continuous (cnt) or Intermittent (Int). I don't know what the round black item is (?).
I Do Now !

  • Radio Officer Miguel Bercedo sent me this information: "As a wireless operator on ships and on the Coastal Station "EAV" (El Gradio-Valencia Radio- Spain) Ive enjoyed your webpage. Regarding the question of the round black item in the Siemens portable Telegraph, I can inform you it was a little brass cylindrical encased galvanometer. Regards, Miguel".

    The inscription on the front. "W D" (WAR DEPARTMENT). "PATENT SIEMENS BROTHERS & CO. LONDON No 12435"

    Pictured left to right: the Inker, Sounder, Selector Switch and Morse Key.